Your Mod

In this section I try to offer the opportunity for you to make your own mod. First select your watch, and here you can add parts, and the activities that are needed to assemble the watch.

For Seiko5: Choose the watch, with or without sapphire as usual. Select hands and the operation “install hands” here.
For SKX-diver: Select the watch, maybe also a bracelet. Select the sapphire in this section, and maybe some other options. And find and select the needed operations here too (if you make a mistake, do not worry. I will make the watch and add an invoice if that is needed).

When the coin edge bezel is ordered, I assume it must be installed onn the watch and will do so (if not needed, write it in the order-remarks). You can choose to add a bezel insert and have it installed, Or exchange the OEM bezel insert (you will receive the original bezel without its insert).

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