The “cheaper” parts, like sapphire, are packaged in a jiffy envelope and shipped with track and trace, for 6 euro (Europe) or 7,50 euro (rest of the world).

I have to bring them to a special export counter, so I save up multiple packages before I go there, usually I ship them once a week.

You can also send your Seiko to me for installation of sapphire! Please add the form, filled in. Cost depends on the water-resistance of the watch:
So it is the cost of the sapphire PLUS
– 20 euro for Seiko5 (up to 5atm),
– 25 euro for a watch up to 10atm and
– 30 euro for a diver (up to 20atm).
Install includes regulation of the movement and new crown gasket and caseback gasket.
Before I install the sapphire, I check the movement to see if I can regulate it. If I think I cannot deliver a good running watch back to you, I will contact you before I make changes to the watch.

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