Classic style hands


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This is a hand set that is based on the old Seiko 6105-8110 diver watch (the Willard). Simple and straight, but up-close not as simple as you think. The top-side is brushed and the edges are beveled and polished, similar to the originals. I added a red dot in the second, that is not present in the original second hand. The strong lume of the hands match the lume of Seiko, so these hands can be put in a Seiko watch without shame. The hands glow green in the dark. (This is not so called “superluminova”with only 50% of the lume strength of Seiko hands, but good Swiss X1 lume from RC Tritec that I spent a lot of money on).

The hands sets are made for Seiko automatic movements: 7S25-7S26-7S36-4R15-4R3x-6R15-8L35. Off course, they can also be used in automatic movements of Seiko Instruments Inc.: NH35, NE15.

Nerds only: length of the hands, measured from the middle of the axis

  • hour hand: 0,80cm (1.5mm axis)
  • minutes hand: 1,25cm (0,9mm axis)
  • seconds hand: 1,20cm (0,2mm axis)


If you want the hand set to be installed in an ordered watch, also add that Operation in the YourMods-section