Frequently asked questions (expanding section):

  1. Are the offered Seiko watches on this website original?
    Yes, I do not offer fake watches. I am an official Seiko dealer.
  2. Are the Seiko watches sold with warranty?
    Yes, a valid warranty (stamped, dated and signed by me, a Seiko dealer) is included. When I modify a watch, I add my own warranty (when the modified watch is changed too much, when adding sapphire the watch keeps a Seiko warranty).
  3. Are the watches new?
    Every watch is new, except when it is clearly stated. Sometimes a modification is made from a used watch, but it will be stated on the page.
  4. Do the watches come with Seiko boxes?
    Most of the watches are without Seiko box, watch boxes are a different trade. I receive the more expensive models in Seiko boxes, so those I sell boxed. I receive the most models in cardboard boxes, 5 watches per box.  Those are wrapped in plastic and only have the Seiko labels. With some watches, Seiko supplies a watch box (currently with all Seiko Sports) so I will put the watch in that watch box. I do have watch boxes without Seiko on them, of high quality. When a watch is sold with a Seiko box, it is stated in the description of the watch.
  5. Can I trade my (used) watch?
    I sell new watches, so a watch you want to trade cannot be sold by me. Only when I want it for my own collection, I am interested. I collect Seiko watches (what else) and I am always on the lookout for sports divers and automatic chronograph watches from the 19-seventies.
  6. What about shipment costs?
    Please read this page.
  7. How come the watches are cheaper than in a store?
    This a a webshop, with less overhead and I have to cut margins to complete with webshops from countries that do not have European VAT on watches.
  8. What is the address for returns and/or repairs?
    Laapersweg 1
    1213 VA Hilversum
    The Netherlands
    Always add a note, telling me what I have to do and with the return address.
  9. Water resistance when sapphire is placed?
    I guarantee that the watch is still water resistant. I also guarantee water resistance after modification.
    Stories about needing to have the watch pressurised to make it water proof are nonsense. They are water resistant because of the use of good quality rubber gaskets, no more, no less. When a watchmaker tells it is pressurised, that is only telling you the watch is tested to see if it is water resistant (and he did his job as he is supposed to do). And the higher the pressure, the more expensive that test will cost. When a watch is assembled with care and the correct original gaskets, that test only tells you the assembly has been done up to standards.
  10. Margins of error of automatic watches:
    Seiko keeps a margin of +/- 30 seconds per day. When I open a watch (modification, sapphire placement), I regulate it with a margin of +5 to  + 10 seconds per day. I try not to make it run slower, it would be bad if you missed an appointment because of a slow watch. The watch runs faster when you wear it, regulation is taking into account that a watch is not worn when asleep (best is to put a watch bottom-down or face-down, lying on the side makes the watch run harder of slower)
  11. Day disc
    The day disc in a Seiko watch always has English as language 1, plus another language. So if one of my pictures shows French or Spanish, be assured there is also English possible. The SKX007-J’s that I sell have English + French because they are assembled especially for me and I am a European dealer. On the white day disc, Sat is printed in blue and Sun is printed in red, on the black day disc, only the Sunday is printed in red.
  12. My automatic watch runs too slow or too fast:
    Seiko is using and acceptable margin for 7S26 and 4R36 that is rather high, if your watch goes out of this range, and it is in the warranty-period, just send it in and it will be fixed. 
  13. I am disappointed with my new watch
    In the event you do not want to keep your new watch, please take care it can be sold as new again, and ship it back to me. Use the form on this page please.
  14. Repairs
    I cannot revise a watch movement, I do simple things. To have a watch completely disassembled, inspected, and reassembled there are specialists that do that for a living.

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