Fifty Fathoms dial


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The Fifty Fathoms diver from Blancpain was the first diver that used this nice dial design.

In the Seiko modding community this dial has been adopted and transformed into the Fifty Five Fathoms dial: 10atm equals 55 fathoms, and the watch that was used for this mod used to be one of the Seiko Glossy models (SNZH53-55 or -57) and that watch is 10atm water resisitant.

I designed this FF-mod dial and made it just a bit better than “the other” dials. The indexes are not glued on, they are embossed and hand-filled with lume. The dial print has a sunburst finish, and the colours are done with a dark to light gradient effect. The effect shows in the sun, it is almost hypnotic and surely special.

I have made 4 “dial feet” on the dials!! This means that by clipping the correct dial feet, the dials can be used on watches with crown at 3 AND with crown at 4. The first picture shows the dial feet that need to be used for the crown positions (so when the crown is at 3, leave the two dial feet marked with the 3). This means that using this dials in SKX or SRPD-Sports is easy (I use a neautral chapter ring, because else you will get two rows of minute stripes).

If you want me to remove the dial feet for you, let me know in the order-comment for what crown position the dial needs to be used.

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