SPB187 hands


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With the SPB187 Seiko has introduced a very nice new set of (Sumo) hands which will look nice on a wide variety of dials. I have made replica hands,  using lume of the highest quality (Swiss, X1 from RC Tritec) that will hold ground in a Seiko surrounding. The hour and minutes hand are curved, like the original hands, this makes the light play with the hands. The available colours are steel, gold, black and blue-coated. Mind this, black and blue are coated and NOT painted. The hands light up green in the dark.

The hands sets are made for Seiko automatic movements: 7S25-7S26-7S36-4R15-4R3x-6R15-8L35. Off course, they can also be used in automatic movements of Seiko Instruments Inc.: NH35, NE15.

Nerds only: length of the hands, measured from the middle of the axis

  • hour hand: 0,82cm (1.5mm axis)
  • minutes hand: 1,25cm (0,9mm axis)
  • seconds hand: 1,30cm (0,2mm axis)


People who mod Seiko watches really like my hands: YouTube

If you want the hand set to be installed in an ordered watch, also add that operation to your order.