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Welcome at, the result of my hobby that has gone a bit out of control: collecting wrist watches. To be more precise, Seiko automatic diver watches. The Seiko divers watch with the nickname “monster” (type SKX779 and SKX781) has infected me with the Seiko-virus. Please consider this when you decide to buy a Seiko, the virus is included… for free.

I hope I can provide enough information on the watches listed, I put many pictures on line and I am listing the dimensions of the watches too. A lot of the information can be found on the internet, but sizes I put here are measured by me, with the actual watch in my hands. An important measurement is the lug-to-lug distance: this one determines if a watch will fit on your wrist.

On this website you will find many Seiko watches that you will not find in the physical stores in Europe, Seiko makes MANY models of watches, which are not distributed to every country in the world. The internet has made the available models come into view, and most of the models can be bought in different web shops all araound the world. Being a Seiko crazy guy, and collector, I am searching for nice models every day, and I am doing my best to offer them here.

Prices mentioned are without shipment costs. Those depend on the selected shipment and payment method.
Rob himself
One point of attention! Some models are suddenly sold out, Seiko stops producing models without giving notice to people like me. Sometimes models are also suddenly very hard to source (or not at all). That can cause me not to be able to deliver a watch for the price mentioned. Because of the size of the website and the fact I do this as a hobby, some pages are not updated regularly. (I forget to update prices of models I don’t sell often because I don’t buy them often too). The fact that it is a hobby will also add that I need some time to make modified watches.

Another reason is that the source of the modifications (mostly the SKX007) is a hard watch to get enough of. The daily stram of e-mails (70-100) will be answered as good as possible. If an answer takes too long, please re-send your e-mail.

Information on ordering, paying and shipping can be found here.

I hope you will find a Seiko that you like on my website,

Kind regards,