Tuna style hands


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Hands, simple parts but crucial for the look of your watch..

I made hands based on the diver hands of the Seiko SBBN015-Tuna. Brushed steel, with a large area of lume; ideal for a diver watch. The second hand of the SBBN015 is a simple stick, in my opinion the second hand of the MarineMaster is a far better choice, so I added that hand, made in brushed steel too. To match almost every possible colour dial, I have had them made in steel, gold and black. The strong lume of the hands matches the lume of Seiko, so these hands can be put in a Seiko watch without shame. They glow green in the dark.

The hands sets are made for Seiko automatic movements: 7S25-7S26-7S36-4R15-4R3x-6R15-8L35. Off course, they can also be used in automatic movements of Seiko Instruments Inc.: NH35, NE15.

If you want the hand set to be installed in an ordered watch, also add that Operation in the YourMods-section