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The movements from Seiko have a black plastic movement holder. There are two heigths, around 3.5mm and 3mm. Many Seiko5 models have the low movement holder (and high thread on the case back) and most divers have the high movement holder (and low thread on the case back). I usually sell the movement with a high movement holder. If you need the low movement holder, let me know in the order-comment. You can always put the movement holder of the movement that you are replacing on the new movement.
The movements are sold with only a white date ring (this is how I receive them from Seiko). So if you need it to be black, you can transfer the date wheel from the movement you are replacing (or add one). If you need a day disc, use the one from the movement you are replacing and also transfer the gear under the day disc and the C-clip that holds it down (or add one in a language that you like).

The 7S26 movement. A no-nonsene movement that has been around since 1996. It cannot be hand-wound, also not stopped with the crown. You turn the rotor with the movement of your wrist, and that makes the movement gain power.

The 4R36 movement is currently used the most by Seiko, but it is not installed in the SKX007 so it is often used when a 7S26 is not working fine anymore. When you use it in a diver, the crown needs to be changed if the diver originally has the 7S26 inside, this is because you cannot change the stem in a divers’ crown (those are clicked into the crown and cannot be taken out). The movement is sold with a long stem that can be cut to length, most non-diver watches have a stem that you can replace.

This is product is the loose movement, if it is to be installed, choose the correct option inĀ  “Operations”. If it is the SKX007 it is to be installed in, do not forget to add the crown to operate the movement.