Since I have started collecting Seiko (diver) watches, the Seiko-virus has infected me. On the internet I saw that there were many modified Seiko watches. and that intriged me. Those modified watches were made by people who gave their personal swing to their watch, helped a lot by the possibility to swap parts between (automatic) Seiko watches, and the availability of many after market parts for especially the SKX007.

Since 2007 I have been “modding” Seiko watches, it started as a hobby, and it has grown into a business. I sold them with my own warranty and have been doing that for years. Since 2015 I am a Seiko dealer, asked by Seiko Netherlands (who have noticed my work and were happy that they had no issues with my modded watches) and the modding part has become a bit less. Most effort went into enhancing the SKX-divers by adding sapphire, a steel bracelet and sometimes a coin edge bezel and/or a ceramic bezel insert. Making mods, my passion, was set aside. The sales of the webshop was running my business, keeping up with the sales of enhanced SKX-divers was keeping me busy. Also, due to my contract with Seiko, I am not allowed to make the quality of the watches I mod less than the original, so most good looking after market parts are not allowed for me: the so called “superluminova” that is used by many parts sellers emits only about 50% of the light in the dark compared with Seiko (if you are lucky!).
As I am writing this (end of 2018) I have developed a lot of watch parts of high quality, which I can use in Seiko watches.
I modify ONLY when the quality of the end result is equal or better than the original watch that was used as base.

Starting in 2019, I want to offer some kind of way to make “your” modified Seiko, but with the assurance that the quality is as high as possible. for this I made a section on my website, where you can select parts and actions for me to do, that wil result in “your” mod. In this section I have listed the parts that I can work with and that will result in a good quality modded Seiko. Beside these parts, I can also use Seiko parts, but since the amount of possibilities of Seiko parts is enormous, I cannot list those on my site. Please contact me if you want something really special with Seiko parts (no parts of special and limited edtions!).

Some examples of past years:

SKXA35 Atlas mod SKX007 mod PMMM
Base: SKX007

SKXA35 dial
plongeur hands

Basies: SKZ207

SNKE59 dial
Seiko second hand.

Base: SKX007

Bezel-insert from SKZ207

Base: SKX007

Dial from SKX171, black day/date. hands from SBDA001,  Solid Oyster band (Poor Mens Marine Master)

SKX007 mod SKX007 mod Atlas SNM009
Base: SKXA35

SKX007 dial and hands
Bezel: SKX171

Base: SKX007

Bezel-insert+ hands+
dial+ chapterring:

Base: SKZ207

SKX009 bezel-insert
Dial from a Seiko Sports

Base: SNM009

Plongeur hands, bezel
from SNM011

SKX011 mod skx007-modificatie SKX007 mod monstermod
Base: SKX011

Plongeur hands, bezel
from SKX007

Basis: SKX007

MarineMaster wijzerplaat en wijzers
rubber band met platte ribbels

Basis: SKX007

Bezel insert: apart
ingekocht: rood/zwart

Base: SKX781

Stainless steel chapter ring and
dial after market. Hands from  SKZ227, yellow second hand from Seiko

skxa35mod BigBoss mod SKX007-mod
Basis: SKXA35

Bezel insert,
wijzerplaat apart ingekocht, wiijzers van skz227. Saffier glas

Base: SKX781

SKX779 dial
hour and minute from SKZ251, Second from SKX781

Base: SKA291

Dial, hour and minute hand from SKA293

Base: SKX007

Sapphire and Plongeur hands (Dragonshroud)

Simpele monstermod Monster modje Monster voor de zomer Blauw gemodificeerd
Base: a used SKX779

Sapphire, beadblasted A red second hand.

Base: SKX781

Hour and Minute from Sumo (SBDc001). Second from SRP031

Base: SKX781

Stainless steel chapterring, dial non-Seiko. Hour and Minute from SKZ227. Blue second from Seiko, sapphire. Bead blasted and removed the paint from the bezel.

Base: SKX781

Dial from Seiko5, hands from SKZ211.

skx007 modificatie Monster, klassieke mod SKX007 desert diver SKX031 mod
Base: SKX007

Dial and hands from Yobokies, sapphire.

Base: SKX779

Chapter ring van de SKX781, hour and minute hands from SKZ253. Orange second. Sapphire. wrist shot.

Base: SKX007

SKX011-bezel, hand-set from SKX781, dial from SNX431 and black day/date

Base: SKX031

Dial and hands from SBDX001

SKX031 mod SKX007 mod MonsterMod SKZ245 mod
Base SKX031

Plongeur hand set. Sapphire, solid oyster bracelet.

Base: SKX007

SKX171 dial, second hand from SNM011, black day/ date, sapphire.

Base: SKX779

hands from SKX781. Red second from Seiko. Sapphire and bead blasting. Added some red paint on the bezel.

Base: SKZ245

Plongeur minute and second, hour hand original because it can only be a very short one in this dial (indexes are too high)

SKX007-173 mod Faded Turtle  New Turtle
Base: SKX007

SKX173 dial, SNZG05 hands, black day disc. Sapphire.

Base: SKX007

Dial after market, hour and minute hand from SKZ255, orange second from Seiko
Chapter ring: SKX011
Orange rubber strap

 Base: SRPA21

Dial: SRPB11, mix of Seiko hands
Steel chapter ring
Bubble domed sapphire
Beadblasted all, bezel insert too