Bead blasting is a technique that is used to make the surface of the watch matt. Is is done with glass “beads”, which are blasted under air-pressure against the watch. This results in a sterile, matt surface. In fact, the surface has microscopic dents. This gives the watch a military/tactical look. Some Seiko watches that are sold with a matt finish are the Seiko5 Aviators the SNZG07. The watch that has been bead blasted will still scratch, and desk diving marks will show as more shiny parts..

I made a mixture of glass pearls and aluminum-oxide, this gives the watch a very nice finish.

The cost of bead blasting is 50 euro. If the watch is disassembled (loose bezel, bracelet) it is 35 euro. Don’t forget the crown and the extra links that belong to the watch.