There is a two years limited warranty (provided by Seiko) on the Seiko watches that I sell. Limited means that it does not cover scratches and other “physical” damages. It is the inside of the case – movement, dial, hands, day/date – that are covered by warranty. I cannot cover damages to bracelets, clasps, scratches in the crystals because those are depending on how a watch is treated.
I assume you use your watch in a normal way, and will not be swimming with an unscrewed crown and such. With the warranty you can go to a Seiko dealer if there is an issue with your watch. When your watch is modified (installed sapphire, dial change, things like that) please return the watch to me to address the issue. Sometimes, when I modify a watch too much, so it does not look like original at all, I provide a warranty from myself, This has the same validity, but for warranty-issues you can only come to me.
If a watch disappoints you after receiving it (pictures can be nicer than reality), you can send the watch back for a refund. In the Netherlands this must be done within 14 days, from outside the Netherlands you sometimes need more time, so e-mail me about it within 14 days after you received it. Do not wear the watch that you are sending back, I need to be able to sell it again. Please use the packaging I have used to send it in for returning it (a box is the least protection a watch can use). The cost of sending it back is yours, I will refund the original transaction, so including shipping from me to you.
! Form !
Please fill in this form and add it to your package so it is clear what is expected from us. Without this form, the processing of your package will be delayed. Also always include the (Seiko) warranty so if needed, I can send the watch to Seiko to be fixed.
Attn. Rob van Herpt
Return / Repair / Modification (Please add the sort of shipment)
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