Chevron dial


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The first REAL diver from Seiko, 6159-7000 has been my holy grail for years. Unfortunately, I never found a good one I could buy. The dial of this diver is one of the most beautiful dials ever, in my opinion. It has been the basis of the disign of my first dial. One real change I made was the window for the date, this brings more balance and looks better I think. The lume that is used with this dial is unique for after market parts, you can install this dial in your Seiko and combine it with Seiko hands without a significant difference in lume strenght. A real improvement over the so called “superluminova” and such. Off course, combining with my hands is best :).

This dial can be placed into the SKX case (or any other Seiko with crown at 19). I usually remove the day disc+gear too, the movement runs better with less stuff to do. If you use this dial in a watch case with crown at 3, you have to remove the dial-feet and use adhesive to attach the dial to the movement-holder. For the SKX, I have dial rings in matching colors.