New 62MAS hands


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With the SPB143 Seiko has modernized the look of the old 62MAS, the wider hour hands makes the set a bit more striking than the Classic hands. I think they will look perfect on a wide variety of dials. I have made these replica hands,  using lume of the highest quality (Swiss, X1 from RC Tritec) that will stand their ground in a Seiko surrounding. The hour and minutes hand are curved, like the original hands, this makes the light play with the hands. The available colours are steel and gold. The hands light up green in the dark.
(I have also made separate loose second hands)

The hands sets are made for Seiko automatic movements: 7S25-7S26-7S36-4R15-4R3x-6R15-8L35. Off course, they can also be used in automatic movements of Seiko Instruments Inc.: NH35, NE15.

Nerds only: length of the hands, measured from the middle of the axis

  • hour hand: 0,82cm (1.5mm axis)
  • minutes hand: 1,25cm (0,9mm axis)
  • seconds hand: 1,30cm (0,2mm axis)


If you want the hand set to be installed in an ordered watch, also add that operation to your order.