Like many people who have been working daily with watches, I had a dream of having my own brand. Due to my “Seiko-infection”, my designs have been influenced by Seiko: I used the designs I liked best and mixed them up a bit, adding some improvements (in my opinion). You will see parts of the 6159-7000, my holy grail, the original Turtle 6309-7040 with the best watch case ever.
I made many designs and I have even registered the brand Robelin. Unfortunately, the German drugstore-chain Ebelin (probably selling watch straps and cheap watches) made an official complaint and I had to renounce the brand name.

Seiko introduced the New Turtles to the market, just before I was going to start production. Introducing a micro-brand with a watch case almost the same (original size, not the plus-size of the new Turtles) would have been financial suicide, so with pain in my heart I decided to cancel the project.
The designs and the dreams remained and I am taking parts of the original designs into production: straps, dials.
No brand on the dial, just the PADI-flag as a reference to the diver watches these dials are made for. Production is done in the Far East, done by capable factories. I supply the lume powder, this powder is of the highest standards and the luminescence of the parts can compete with Seiko. Ground-rule for the parts is that the quality of the end product is not lower than the original watch. This is also my standard for modifying a watch.

My parts will appear in this section of the website, and I have not stopped dreaming and desiging, so more will come.

I will also try to make some kind of “compile your own mod” here.

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