38mm 3M adhesive rounds

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One of the simplest things, a double sided adhesive ring to install bezel inserts. The ones that are the wide ones that are sold for standard bezel inserts OR the thin ones for sloped bezel inserts.

Why not combine the two? And so I did. This is a double sided adhesive ring that can be used for BOTH kind of bezel inserts. Especially designed for SKX007 and the Seiko Sports with SKX-case which is 42mm. The outer diameter is 38mm (inner is 32mm). I have made it consisting of two rings: use both rings when you have a flat bezel insert and use the outer ring when you have a sloped bezel insert.

Always first press the bezel on the watch case and then apply the bezel insert. This way you can align the insert at the 12, and you will not damage it by pressing on it.

A simple technique to put this edhesive ring on your bezel (also shown on the pictures):

  1. Put your finger through the bezel-insert.
  2. Attach the complete circle on the top of your finger
  3. Pull your finger “through” the bezel insert, make sure the bezel inserts sticks to the circle correctly
  4. Press the circles firmly on the bezel insert and press out the middle part.


The 3M circles are sold in pairs of two!!