Slim case back for SNXS

 17,50 20,00



This is a sterile case back which has been made especially for the Sieko watches with the case code 7S26-0480, better known as the SNXS-models.

This case back also fits the 7S26-01V0 watch case, but it will not result in a lower watch because the OEM case back is already low.

When you use this case back on your 7S26-0480 (for example SNXS79), the watch will be almost 1mm lower! The watch has a standard heigth of 1,17cm and with this case back it is 1,08cm! It is not only a lower watch, the flatter shape of this case back sits a lot more pleasant on your wrist, resulting in a more pleasant wearing experience while looking even better.

The case back is made of the well known 316L stainless steel, and has a circular brushed finish. When you use this case back, you can re-use your case back gasket (or replace it with a new one).

When you want to have something special engraved on your watch, using this case back is the easiest way to do it.

When you add this case back to an order with a watch, please tell me what to do in the order comment, install the caseback or keep it loose. When I install it, the original case back will be delivered with the watch too.