18mm leather straps


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When I planned to make new variants of the leather nato straps, I was thinking that when you have a watch with 18mm lugs, it is usually a smaller watch. Putting a smaller watch on a nato will lift the watch case around 2.4mm. So I decided to make leather straps instead of leather nato straps for the watches with 18mm lugs, using the new leathers variants.

the new leather fabrics are really cool. First, I have the “Antique” finish, of which I already had a few colours, A matt finish, giving the strap a tough and worn appearance. New finish is the so called “pull-up” leather. This leather has been oiled and waxed, and appears a bit shiny in the beginning. When the leather is worked on, the colour inside appears, giving it a very nice “weathered” appearance. Is it not like distressed leather, which has been given a weathered look, but it will be looking like it on the right placed when you wear it.

The straps have “quick-release” push pins, so changing them is really easyl!