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This is sapphire that is made for the “small” Seiko5 models. Those models usually have 1 mm thick glass, and are 29 or 30mm in width. the sapphire I have had made for these models is flat or double domed. Flat looks like the orignal hardlex, the double domed has a nice dome and looks a bit more fancy. The dome is on the inner side and on the outer side, so there is hardly any distortion of the view on the dial if you look from an angle.

On the inside of the sapphire glass there is Anti Reflection coating, you can choose for blue AR and clear AR. Blue AR has as a slight brown hue, and a white dial will look a bit cream instead of white. The blue glare of the AR will show clearly that there is sapphire installed in your watch.

In the table you can look up the width of the sapphire you need to order for your Seiko5. Flat or double domed: you own taste. Clear or blue AR: your own taste.

29mm SNKL41, -43, -45, SNKA01, SNK369, -371, SNK377, -381, SNK601, -605, SNK613, -615, -617, -619, -621, SNKK87 Case codes: 7S26-01V0, 7S26-02F0, 7S26-03T0
30mm SNKE49, -51, -53, SNK803, -805, -807, -809, SNK563, -567, -573, SNK797, SNKK13, -27, -29, -31, SNKL89, -93 Case codes: 7S26-02W0, 7S26-02J0, 7S26-03V0


Top or bottom, flat sapphire: The edges of the sapphire have a small facet, else it is too sharp. The facet at the bottom-side is a bit smaller than the facet on the top side.

Het effect van de RODE AR is verbazingwekkend! Ik heb een paar wijzerplaten getest, duidelijkste is dat de rode AR van binnen blauw is! Een witte wijzerplaat wordt lichtblauw. En witte indexen op donkere wijzerplaten worden helder lichtblauw, wat een heel apart effect geeft. Hieronder plaats ik wat filmpjes en foto’s van de verschillende kleuren wijzerplaat, met de double domed rode AR ge├»nstalleerd.

Zwarte wijzerplaat

Sunburst blauwe wijzerplaat