30mm sapphire for Small Sports

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This sapphire is for the new smaller military Seiko watches: SRPJ8x (with case code 4R36-13P0) and fot the freshly released new SNXS-models SRPK87, -89 and -91 (case code 4R36-15M0).

There is an Anti Relfection coating on the inside of the sapphire (clear or modest blue).

You can buy this sapphire and install it yourself (or have a professional install it for you). Or add the sapphire you want to your order (select “install the ordered sapphire) and I install it for you. I regulate the movement and I give a warranty after installing sapphire.

There are two shapes

  1. Flat !
  2. Double domed, the domed is around the same as the dome of the original single domed hardlex. But since it is double domed, there is no distortion of the view when you look into the watch.


30 x 1.7mm, flat
30 x 1.7mm x 2.7mm, so 1 mm dome in the middle.