32mm sapphire for SRPE- and SRPG-Sports

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I have made this sapphire especially for the new SRPE51 and the like. These models are very nice, but there is no sapphire from another model that will fit, so I made it.
Seiko has introduced new Military models, SRPG31 and the like, and this sapphire fits in those too!

The sapphire has been AR-coated on the inside, a modest blue and a clear coating have been applied.

You can order the sapphire and install it yourself (or have it installed). Or you add it to your ordered watch from this website and choose “Install the ordered sapphire”. This install has the advantage that I regulate the movement and the watch keeps its Seiko warranty valid.

There are two shapes you can choose:

  1. Flat, like the original hardlex.
  2. Double domed, this has a modest dome and there is no distorted vision on the dial because of the inside shape.


32 x 1.8mm, flat like OEM
32 x 1.8 x 2.8mm. So a modest 1mm dome.