31mm sapphire for SNZF17

 25,00 32,50



This sapphire is made for the Seiko “Sea Urchin”, SNZF15 en SNZF17 (7S26-03C0).

It also fits perfectly in the Sumo (SBDC031/033 and others), the Shogun (SBDC007/029) and the Atlas (SKZ207/209/211). It also fits in the new line of Monsters, those have 31mm glass. Possibly in some more models with 31 mm glass (that is rather thick: 2.8mm!).

The sapphire has an Anti-Reflection coating on the inside.

You can order the sapphire and install it yourself (or have it installed). Or, you add one of these to your SNZF-order, where you selected the “install ordered sapphire”-option (adds € 17,50 to the order, for installation).

There are two shapes:

  1. Flat sapphire
  1. Double domed sapphire, with a dome on the inside so the sapphire has the same thickness everywhere, and there is no distorted image when you look in an angle.



  1. Flat: 31 x 2,8 mm
  2. Double domed: 31 x 2,8 x 4,2 (The dome is 4,2mm high, 1.4mm higher than the bezel insert).