SKX-diver and SRPD-Sports sapphire

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NEW SHAPE: Flat without facet!!
Right side: no facet.

This is sapphire, made especially for the Seiko SKX007 (and the ones with the same case, like SKX009, SKX011, SKX171, SKXA53, SKX173: case code 7S26-0020, 7S26-0028, 7S26-0029, 7S26-02K0). This sapphire will also fit the SARB059, SARB061 and SARB063. The sapphire has an Anti-Reflection coating on the inside.

This sapphire is also suitable for the new SRPD-Sports (4R36-07G0 is the case code).

You can order the sapphire and install it yourself (or have it installed). Or, you add one of these to your SKX/SRPD-order, where you selected the “install ordered sapphire”-option.

At the moment, I sell 5 shapes:

  1. Flat, with a big bevel, like the original hardlex.
  2. Double domed, also with a 4.6mm high dome. Because it is double domed, there is hardly any optical distortion. This sapphire has no bevel and will have no space between the bezel insert! Seamless double domed sapphire for the flat bezel inserts.
  3. Flat without a facet. Seamless to the bezel insert, so there are no reflected index-markers ar other reflections. Looks as if there is nothing between you and the dial..


Sapphire with a special design, for “sloped” bezel inserts:

  1. Stepped, flat top.
  2. Stepped, double domed.
    These last two are seamless to the bezel insert. The bezel inserts needs to be sloped upwards to the middle, and the middle diameter is 30,5mm.
    When you order this shape of sapphire together with an SKX-order, and you do not add a Sloped bezel insert, I ASSUME YOU ALREADY HAVE THE SLOPED BEZEL INSERT AND I WILL INSTALL THE STEPPED SAPPHIRE,