32mm sapphire (New Turtle, Samurai, …)

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This sapphire can be used in many of the modern Seiko diver watches, both automatic and solars. Seiko is making many of those now with 32mm wide, 2.8mm thick hardlex.

The flat sapphire has a modest blue AR coating on the inside, the double domed sapphire has a clear AR coating on the inside..

This sapphire can be ordered and placed by yourself (or have it placed). You can also add it to your order, there you select “install the ordered sapphire” and the website add the price for installing it to the watch-price.

There are two shapes

  1. Flat with a small bevel, like the original hardlex (32×2,8mm)
  2. Double domed with a 4.6mm high dome, also domed on the inside so no optical distortion of the image (32×2,8×4,6mm).


Models you can put this sapphire in:
New Turtles (SRP773-775-777-779-787-789, SRPC23-25, SRPC91), also the new series, SRPD-. SRPE-, SRPF- Turtles.
SSC chrono-divers (SSC015-017-019-021, SSC613-617-663-673-675)
SNE divers (SNE435-437-439-441)
SNA411, -413, -414