Solid Oyster for 7S26-01V0

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This bracelet is not made by Seiko!


The Seiko5-models are produced by Seiko with a bracelet with links made of folded steel. The models with case code 7S26-01V0 have different kind of bracelets (jubilee-like: SNK355, SNK361, SNK381 and more, oyster-like: SNKL41, SNKL43 and SNKL45), all have the folded links. I have made end-pieces for the 7S26-01V0 watch case, so the Oyster-bracelet for the SNXS can also be used on these Seiko5 models.

(if you are a little bit handy, and you own both kind of watches, buying this bracelet for 7S26-01V0 case gets you a bracelet for SNXS (7S26-0480) for free).

This solid oyster bracelet is suitable for wrists up to 22cm! The links are screwed, a 1.4mm screw driver is perfect to unscrew these small screws (I use something like loc-tite on the thread to keep these screwes from unscrewing too easily).


You can choose the standard clasp, to be opened with you nail. It has a little tab that facilitates this). The clasp has 6 adjustment holes, three more than the original clasp, it is attached to the bracelet on one side, so it cannot be changed. the connecting parts are made of flat steel.
I also have a solid clasp, newly developed. This clasp is very solid and opens by pressing the tabs on the sides. It also has 6 adjustment holes. This clasp is made of thick steel, with a brused finish, and the connecting pieces are made of thick steel too.

Standard Solid