Fluted Bezel Seiko5

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For years I have been selling the “cheap” Seiko5 models, small automatic watches for a modest price. In those years, I have often been asked if I could get the SNXJ89. Unfortunately, I could not, this model was only to be found in Singapore, USA and Indonesia, and since 2020 nowhere new. I could not even buy it in parts from Seiko and assemble it.

So I took on the challenge :). I took the bezel of a model with a nice watch case (SNKL41) and used it as base to design a fluted bezel. This fluted bezel replaces the OEM bezel, the bezel-gasket, glass gasket and glass can be re-used. My suggestion is, since you are already taking out the glass, replace the glass with sapphire (29mm).

Tip for installation: put the bezel gasket on the bezel and not in the watch case when you press in the new bezel.


This fluted bezel fits on many models, I have a list of models I have tested it on (this list grows):

Code Models (available on my website, more are possible, check your case-code)
7S26-01V0 SNK355, SNK357, SNK361, SNK369, SNK381, SNK385, SNK393,SNKL41, SNKL43, SNKL45, SNKL51, SNKL55
7S26-0500 SNXJ89, (not for sale) it fits its example, you only have to use a different 29mm glass gasket)