Fluted Bezel SNXS

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For years I have been selling the “cheap” Seiko5 models, small automatic watches for a modest price. In those years, I have often been asked if I could get the SNXJ89. Unfortunately, I could not, this model was only to be found in Singapore, USA and Indonesia, and since 2020 nowhere new. I could not even buy it in parts from Seiko and assemble it.

For the SNXS-models, I developed a fluted bezel that replaces the OEM bezel. With this model, the bezel has an indentation at the 6 and the 12, there you can put a case-knife and remove the bezel. This leaves the glass lying on a soft glass gasket. The glass is pressed into this gasket by the bezel, so when you click the fluted bezel back on the watch, the glas is secured again. Since you are already at a point that the glass is loose, replacing it with sapphire is no extra work, it only costs you the sapphire.

This fluted bezel fits on many models that use the old fashion click-on bezel.

Code Models (available on my website, more are possible, check your case-code)
7S26-0480 SNXS73, SNXS75, SNXS77, SNXS79, SNXS80, SNXG47


You can send in your SNXS and I can install this fluted bezel for 47,50 euro.