Lumed Ceramic bezel inserts


FLAT ceramic bezel inserts, for SKX0xx and the 42mm Seiko Sports models (with SKX-like case).



I have made these new lumed flat bezel inserts in black ceramic only, maybe later I will add some new ceramic colours. Reason is that green or blue are nice, but it is near to impossible to get a the correct colour to match your dial; there are just too many shades of green and blue used in dials. A black insert is always a match.
For the lume, the X1 grade powder of RC Tritec (Swiss company that makes the best lume powders available) is used. The result is nice white by day and very bright lumiscence in the dark. I have a test with cream lume, that glows green. This matches perfectly with the indexes of the SKX011 and SRPD59. The factory that makes the inserts for me is also making watch cases (SRPD-Sports) for Seiko, so quality is evident. They also make the watch hands that I sell.
The insert is FLAT, this means it can be used to replace the OEM bezel insert. My advise is to place it in a coin edge bezel of mine or an other bezel from another seller. Keep the OEM bezel as reserve, if you want to turn the watch back to original you will find that OEM bezels are really expensive and hard to find).

Ceramic inserts are usually very shiny, I have made a portion of the production-run matt. Those turned out looking gray in the sun and nice matt black inside of the house. Because they are flat, they can be combined with the OEM flat hardlex, flat sapphire with or without facet or double domed sapphire.
(the bezel inserts that have a smaller inner width and that go up towards the middle (“sloped” design) have to be combined with so called “stepped” design sapphire).

The bezel inserts are sold with a cirkel-shaped double-sided tape from 3M, which can be used to attach the bezel insert in the bezel.

If you want the bezel-insert to replace the OEM insert in an ordered watch, please select this operation in Operations. If you buy an Seiko Sports and add a coin edge and this insert, I install the insert for free, it is easy to install in a new clean empty bezel.
Installation: First press the bezel back on the watch. Then put the circle-shaped adhesive on the insert (or in the bezel) and and place the insert. Especially with the ceramic and the sapphire bezel inserts you cannot press on the bezel when the insert is installed: those will break. The alignment of the bezel is also ensured when you do it like this.


Bezel insert dimensions: inner width = 3,15 cm and outer width = 3,8cm

The new SRPD-Sport models have aluminum bezel inserts without a lume pip, the ceramic insert is a nice addition to these models. Case codes of the new Seiko Sports that can use thise inserts: 4R36-07G0, 4R36-08E0, -08H0, -08P0, -08W0, -08R0, -08V0, -08T0, -08S0, -08Y0, 4R36-09A0, -09E0, -09K0 -09F0, -09J0, -09H0, -09G0, -09Y0, -09Z0, 4R36-10B0 , 4R36-11F0-, -11G0, -11H0 and so on… Seiko has gone wild with this models and is making new versions almost every month.
Rule of thumb: case shape and size need to be equal to the old SKX007 case, and also the bezel needs to be the same shape. If so, the insert can be replaced by one of these.