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This is the SNK355, it has a silver/white dial with small Seiko5 logos.

The bracelet is a light jubilee, with the 18mm it is a good candidate to put a  leather strap on (or a sporty nato).

If you want to have sapphire installed, please add the desired sapphire to the order (29mm)!

So with sapphire install, be sure to add the sapphire as a separate product to your order !

There is also the option to install a fluted bezel (replaced original bezel will be delivered too).

And finally, you can also change the hands! Just add the desired hand-set and include the operation “Replace movement and/or day-disc and/or hands and/or dial”.


Case height: 1,05 cm
Weigth: 106 gram
Water resistance: 3 atm
Lug to lug: 4,1 cm
Lug width: 18 mm
Case width: 3,7 cm
Bracelet type 4
Movement: 7S26
Uurwerk: 7S26
Hoogte kast: 1,05 cm
Gewicht: 106 gram
Waterdichtheid: 3 atm
Lug tot lug: 4,1 cm
Lug breedte: 18 mm
Kast breedte: 3,7 cm
Breedte incl kroon: Iets meer, maar met de kroon op 4 merk je dat niet
Band type 4