Slanted Nato 20mm


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Choose the correct width for your watch. The width of the nato needs to be the same width as the lugs of the watch it is used on. I have added the lug width in the “dimensions” section of a watch discription. For theSeiko Sports SRPE51 or SRPE61 you need a 20mm nato strap, for the large Seiko5’s the 20mm nato is also correct (SNKE49, SNKE61). For the Sumo and Monster, the 20mm nato is also a good choice.

Based on the dimensions of my Supernato I have made nato straps made of very comfortable “slanted” nylon. Instead of straight, it is woven across and that causes the strap to feel softer and more souple. This weave also makes it shine a bit.

On the right, samples of straps. Bottom one is the average length of a nato, in the middle, one of the first nato straps I have had produced, already longer. And the top one it the current SuperNato: longer and better posiotioned loops. Nato-vergelijk


Dark blue-gold-lumed has a line in the center, that will light up in the dark. Usually the strap is covered under your sleeve, so the strength of the light will not be high, but in the summer the strap gets more (sun)light and will light up much brighter.

When a nato strap is too long: put it between two coins and cut it. Melt the threads with a lighter, press them together when they are hot. Sometimes threads that hold the loops stick out a bit, melt them and press them flat.