My Lumed Ceramic bezel inserts

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I used to buy the lumed ceramic SKX-bezel inserts from LCBI, the supply however, was not always constant: SKX-inserts were out of stock almost from the beginning. I decided to develop my own bezel inserts, and I made a unique 0-20 lumed variant.
For the lumiscence, C3 lume powder has been used. This is the brightest of lume powders. Side effect is that the indexes are not bright white, but a little bit greenish (for the 0-20 insert I have made a small colour correction in the 20-60 paint, so you do not see a difference in lumed and non-lumed in daylight).
The brightness is as strong as the dial and hands of the SKX007!  This picture shows my insert next to the one from LCBI, my simple camera does not show the difference but myine ismuch brighter (as strong as the OEM lume pip).
I do not have to buy these from a collegue webshop, so I can sell it cheaper than the other ceramic bezel inserts I am selling.

The insert is FLAT, this means it can be used to replace the OEM bezel insert, or it can be placed in a coin edge bezel (and you can keep the OEM bezel as reserve). It is made of ceramic material, so it will hardly get scratched, also the colour black is deeper than the black of the OEM aluminum insert.

Because they are flat, they can be combined with the OEM flat hardlex, flat sapphire, single domed sapphire and double domed sapphire.
(the bezel inserts that have a smaller inner width and that go up towards the middle (“sloped” design) have to be combined with so called “stepped” design sapphire).

The bezel inserts are sold with a cirkel-shaped double-sided tape from 3M, which can be used to attach the bezel insert in the bezel.

If you want the bezel-insert to be installed in an ordered watch, please select this operation in Operations.
Installation: First press the bezel back on the watch. Then put the circle-shaped adhesive on the insert (or in the bezel) and and place the insert. Especially with the ceramic and the sapphire bezel inserts you cannot press on the bezel when the insert is installed: those will break. The alignment of the bezel is also ensured when you do it like this.


Bezel insert dimensions: inner width = 3,15 cm and outer width = 3,8cm

The new SRPD-Sport models have aluminum bezel inserts without a lume pip, the ceramic insert is a nice addition to these models.