MegaNato 22mm


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Choose the correct width for your watch. The width of the nato needs to be the same width as the lugs of the watch it is used on. I have added the lug width in the “dimensions” section of a watch discription. For the SKX007 or SRPD-Sports you need a 22mm nato strap.

Due to the fact that I have been selling and wearing nato straps for years, I have some ideas about this versatile strap. I took these ideas to a factory and I have had them made. I am calling this nato strap “SuperNato”, simply because I think it is Super :).
The loops are positioned so the clasp will be at the middle of your wrist, the strap is also long, 30cm. The nylon is premium quality (if you want to soften it, put it in the washer), holes are burnt and the loops are stitched in place, not glued.

On the right, samples of straps. Bottom one is the average length of a nato, in the middle, one of the first nato straps I have had produced, already longer. And the top one it the current SuperNato: longer and better posiotioned loops. Nato-vergelijk
Inpired by a Swiss brand I continued to develop the SuperNato, and this “Mega-Nato” is the result. Same length, positioning of the loops, nylon. Changed: the hardware, nice 4mm wide loops, a heavy clasp, brushed finish.

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When a nato strap is too long: put it between two coins and cut it. Melt the threads with a lighter, press them together when they are hot.