Classic leather straps



This is a nice classic leather watch strap. Made of a very good quality leather: two layers no padding, stitched and nicely finished on the sides. The stitches are a nice off-white colour, the strong buckle is brushed. The strap has “quick-release” push pins, so changing this strap is super-easy!

The thickenss is a modest 3 mm, the width at the buckle is 2mm less than the width at the lugs.
Lengths are different for each width: 18mm at the lugs is 7,5cm + 11,5cm (19cm), 20mm at the lugs is 7,5cm + 12 cm (19,5cm) and 22mm at the lugs measures 7,5cm+12,5cm (20cm), tiny variations are possible, since leather is a natural product.