Solid Jubilee for SRPE-Sports (20mm lugs)

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NOT produced by Seiko but by Miltat, you can also buy them at en
This beautiful bracelet is an alternative for the Seiko Jubilee. One of the main issues I have with the Seiko Jubilee is the clasp: you cannot change it and you have to open it with your nail. Also the “feel” of the bracelet, it has folded middle parts of the links and hollow end pieces, which makes it feel light and a bit cheap (but wears comfortable). It rattles a bit which contributes to the feeling I have with the Seiko Jubilee.
The Solid Jubilee bracelet has solid end pieces and solid middle parts. The way this bracelet is attached to the end pieces is different (picture) so the lug-to-lug width is in fact a bit wider. The links are attached to each other with small screws, a small screwdriver (1.4mm), is what you need to remove a screw. There are many clasp-options, even a Seiko clasp with 4 adjustment holes and a divers’ extension.
Solid Jubilee
This bracelet tapers from 20mm at the lugs to 18mm at the clasp. This bracelet has been made for the Small SRPE-Sports watch case (case code 4R36-08L0), the end pieces (solid steel) do not fit on a different watch case. It comes with thick push pins, with shoulders so they can be removed with ease, and the lugs of the watch have been drilled through too.
Tip for installation:
Go through the lugs with the end pieces without push pins.
This removes possible steel particles around the holes for the push pins.
Solide Jubilee Solide Jubilee


Clasps I have:
1. Neutral with 3 adjustment holes
2. V-clasp, with 6 adjustment holes (comes the nearest to the Seiko clasp on the Seiko Jubilee)
3. Seiko with 4 adjustment holes
4. Seiko with 4 adjustment holes and a divers’ extension
5. A very solid, Ratcheting clasp
6. The Seiko ratcheting clasp