Sports strap-2



Another dirt-cheap silicon strap that you can cut to the disered length. It has a nice texture (the 20mm just a little bit smaller pyramids than the 22mm) and an easy three fold clasp.
De band is geschikt voor standaard dikte push pins (er zit een setje bij), de 2,5mm dikke pushpins (van de SKX-duikers, Monster, Sumo)  zijn er wel doorheen te drukken (helemaal als je ze met een drupje vloeibare zeep glad maakt).

Both sides of the strap are 8.6 cm long. It is 3 mm thick and where the cutting holes are 3.9mm. It is very flexible and wears comfortable.

Another nice strap to add to the collection.

Easy to cut, put a knife between the holes and press through. The clasp has 3 adjustment holes, so after cutting you can still change the length a bit.