Sports strap-1



This dirt-cheap silicon strap with nice deep lines has to be cut to size. Once you have done that, you have a comfortable strap with a three-fold buckle that is really easy to use.
The strap is sold with a pair of standard push pins. If you are going to use it with, for instance, a Seiko diver with 2.5mm thick push pins, you will need some liquid soap on the tip of the push pin, to get it through the hole of the strap (the thick push pins have larger end point that fill up the holes in the lugs, so I recommend using the original push pins of your watch).

Both sides of the strap are 8.2 cm. It is 4.45mm thick at the end between the lugs, and is 3.8mm at the clasp. It is a flexible strap and wears really nice.

At this price, just good to add to your straps.

Easy to cut, put a knife between the holes and press through. The clasp has 3 adjustment holes, so after cutting you can still change the length a bit.