Miltat Presidential for SKX0xx

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Seiko does not produce this bracelet (Miltat does), you can also buy it at en It is called Endmill there.
The Solid Presidential bracelet is a bracelet with solid links and end pieces that looks like the Presidential bracelet that Seiko used to put on the SKXA53. The original Presidentail has folded middle parts in the links and open end pieces. This Solid Presidential has solid links and solid steel end pieces. The links are linked together with small screws (1.4mm screwdriver does the trick), best is to use a drop of loctite/Bison Lock Bond, or something else to make them unscrew less easy.
It needs a clasp of 18mm wide. It tapes from 22mm at the lugs to 18mm at the clasp. It comes with thick push pins, with shoulders so they can be removed with ease. This bracelet is also called “Endmill”on some websites.
Attention! This bracelet “hangs”from the middle part of the end-piece, this results in a lug-tot-lug distance that is about 8mm more.
Tip for installation:
Go through the lugs with the end pieces without push pins.
This removes steel around the holes for the push pins (if there is any)..

You can choose from many clasps: