Miltat Oyster for Seiko Sports (42mm SKX-case)

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This bracelet is not produced by Seiko, it is made by Miltat and is also sold on and It is called Super-O Boyer there.

The Super Solid Oyster bracelet is one of the most popular bracelets. It has solid links and end-pieces, so it is strong and heavy. It is one of the most used after market bracelets for the SKX007 and looks a lot like the standard bracelet on the SRPD51. This bracelet is made for the Seiko-Sports with the SKX007 shaped case and 22mm lugs.

The (recently improved, “3D”) end pieces are massive pieces of steel, attached with thick push pins (with collars for removal) to the watch case. Because they are solid steel, only suitable for the mentioned watches.

The links are also made of solid steel, attached with small screws, a small 14mm screwdriver is perfect for these screws. I advice to use some loc tite or something similar to keep the screws from unscrewing while you are wearing the watch.

Some models of the SRPD-Sports already have a solid Oyster. A very nice bracelet, with a few differences:

Seiko Miltat
Links Solid with split pens solid with screws
Thickness 3.3mm 3mm
clasp 20mm wide, 4 adjustment holes 18mm, options possible
Taper 22mm at the lugs, 20mm at the clasp 22mm at the lugs, 18mm at the clasp
eind piece folded steel, standard push pin massive steel, thick push pin
middle row 11mm wide section 9mm wide section
Attachment to case middle section goes into end-piece middle section comes out of end-piece

The Miltat bracelet tapers from 22mm to 18mm, so it is less wide on the wrist, the 9mm middle row looks good with this width. The bracelet “hangs” on the middle section that comes out of the end-piece, this makes the lug-to-lug distance a little bigger.

Install tip:
First remove the push pins and press the end piece through the lugs a few times.
This removes some possible left over steel from drilling the holes in the lugs.


You can choose between a few types of clasps: