20mm New Monster strap

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De standard 20mm silicon strap used for the SRPD27, the new flexible type, with the signed steel keeper and signed large buckle. It is a little bit wider at the case (24,5mm) compalre to the strap of the mini Turtle (SRPC37). There is a steel tube to enforcen the hole for the push pin. It is also being used for the first re-issues of the 62MAS and new Sumo models. It is 20mm between the lugs, the widt against the watch caseis 24,5mm and it tapers daown to 18mm at the buckle.

Short end 8,1 cm
Long end 13,8 cm
Widest 24,5mm
Push pins 2.5mm
Seiko code R02C011J0
Used for SRPD27, SPB053