OldWaffle Style



This silicon strap has been made based on the old Seiko waffle strap from around 1970. A smart design with space on the inside, and holes in each space, so moist and water can disappear. Modern touch on these straps: a quick-release push pin. This makes it very easy to install and change this strap.
IF you are going to use this strap on a Seiko diver with fat (2.5mm thick) push pins, I advise to remove the quick release push pin and use the Seiko push pin.The Seiko push pin has larger points that fill up the holes for the push pins that are made in the lugs. Pressing the fat push pin through this strap will go easier when you put some liquid soap on the tip of the push pin.

The short end is 8.3 cm, the long end is 13.2 cm. The thickness goes fromĀ  4.7 mm at the watch case (where the push pins go through the strap) to 2.3 mm at the end of the strap.

Here you can see the spaces and holes that are made in the strap. I used the same idea in my modern waffle straps.