ND Limits



Now also in 18mm !!

These straps have the “No decompression” limits table printed on the side. It looks good and if you know how to use it, it can be handy too.

The table is to be used for a single dive, for multiple dives different values apply (I expect that someone who does multiple dives will have the tables or even a dive-computer). Your physical condition is also a factor, so the values are to be used as an indication!

ND-tabel The left row is diving-depth (in meters) and the right row is the time you can stay at that depth without the need of decompression-stops when you go to the surface. If you dive 15 meter deep, you can stay there for 100 minutes without the need of a decompression stop when you go to the surface.

Short side is  8 cm, long side is 14 cm. It is 3,2 mm thick. The end of the long side tapers to 2mm so it is easy to put through the keeper.

The straps are easy to use up to 2mm thick push pins, 2,5mm thick push pins (Seiko divers can be pressed through, especially when you apply a drop of liquid soap).

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