MM300 hand set


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The successor of the 6159-7000 is the MarineMaster300. It already is one of the icons of Seiko and it has a set of hands that is really beautiful. Simple and well crafted: brushed top, beveled edges that are polished. Getting an original hand set from Seiko is hard (both SBDX001 and SBDX017), and these hands are very expensive so placing them must be done correctly in one attempt. I am fortunate to say thet I managed to develop this very acceptable replica hand set, with the same finsh on the hour and minute, and with a brushed second (original has a polished second hand). My hand set has well made holes, and re-fitting them after one or two attempts is possible.

The strong lume of the hands match the lume of Seiko, so these hands can be put in a Seiko watch without shame (this is no so called “superluminova”with only 50% of the lume strength of Seiko hands, but good Swiss lume that I spent a lot of money on).

The hands sets are made for Seiko automatic movements: 7S25-7S26-7S36-4R15-4R3x-6R15-8L35. Off course, they can also be used in automatic movements of Seiko Instruments Inc.: NH35, NE15.


If you want the hand set to be installed in an ordered watch, also add that Operation in the YourMods-section