Lumed Ceramic Bezel Insert, for various models




These are ceramic bezel inserts with lume-filled markers. The edges are crisp, very good quality. They have been filled up to the surface, so they feel smooth. And the light emittence is very good. Originally sold in the U.S.A., by L.C.B.I. and sold in the EU by me (when you buy them in the U.S.A., customs from most EU countries will add Value Added Tax, and handling fee). Ceramic material, so very resistant to scratches. I will deliver them in the original LCBI-packaging, with 1 adhesive 3M circle-shaped tape. With these bezel inserts, your watch will look really different. When ordered combined with a watch, select “Install insert on my new watch”.

below some pictures of “real”watches, so no black light but actual daylight and darkness.