Engineer-2 for New Turtle

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I am not allowed to sell the new Turtles, but I have a nice bracelet for it: the Engineer-2; the heaviest bracelet that I have (over 120 gram !!). It is a souple bracelet and wears comfortable, despite its weight and height (more than 4.5mm).

Standard, it has the neutral double-lock clasp with 3 adjustment holes installed. My advise is to take it with the more robust V-clasp. The bracelet is all solid, the solid end-pieces fit snug between the lugs of the watch. The links are screwed together with small screws, I advise to use loc tite (or something similar) on the thread to keep the screws from turning loose. The sides of this bracelet are polished, the upper side is brushed. It is 20mm wide at the clasp, I have a few options to use as clasp.

Install tip:
First remove the push pins and press the end piece through the lugs a few times..
This removes some possible left over steel from drilling the holes in the lugs.


You can select a few types of clasp:
1. Neutral with 3 adjustment holes
2. V-clasp with 6 adjustment holes
3 Seiko with 4 adjustment holes
4 Seiko with 4 adjustment holes and divers’ extension
5 Ratcheting, no adjustment holes but extendable