Ceramic bezel inserts for SKX

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These FLAT bezel inserts can be used to replace your current bezel insert, or you can put it in a replacement bezel like the coin edge bezel (and keep your original bezel as spare). Flat bezel inserts can be combied with flat sapphire and double domed sapphire (my double domed sapphire is seamless to the bezel insert).

The bezel inserts are provided with a cirkel-shaped double-sided tape from 3M, which can be used to attach the bezel insert in the bezel.
There are also bezel inserts that are sloped, higher in the middle and with a smaller diameter on the inside. Those inserts need to be combined with specially made sapphire, “stepped”.

If you want the bezel-insert to be installed in an ordered watch, please select this operation in Operations.


Glow!! Bezel insert made of sapphire, glows very strong in the dark!
A partnership with BlueBirdives.com results in the availability of this unique bezel insert.

For theese sapphire inserts, I made coin edge bezels with more space or the insert. These inserts are a bit higher than usual, because of the large amount of lume material under the sapphire. My advice is to combine the sapphire insert with a coin edge bezel, and leave your OEM bezel intact.

Installation: put the double sided tape on the bezel, leave the top paper on. Then press the bezel back on the watch. remove the top paper from the tape and place the insert. Especially with the ceramic and the sapphire bezel inserts you cannot press on the bezel when the insert is installed: those will break. The alignment of the bezel is also ensured when you do it like this.


Bezel insert dimensions: inner width = 3,15 cm and outer width = 3,8cm