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This is a simple to use tool that can help you resize most bracelets.

It is simply a holder with a good grip. On one end there is a point that you can use to push through split-pens and pen+collar pens. On the other side there is a “fork” that can be used for push pins with “shoulders”. This fork is a small size that you can also use with solid end pieces..

The pin+fork that are included on this tool are not of the best quality, not so well crafted and not so tough. With a few uses, you might notice that. When you don’t use it a lot, it is fine.

You can add the Bergeon 6767-AF fork that you can use to replace the fork on the tool. This is much better crafted and is made of tougher steel. This one will last a lot longer.
You can also take the standard Bergeon 6767-S pin, which is longer and stronger than the pin that is on the tool (0,8mm thin).
And you might also have use for a standard size (3mm)Bergeon fork (6767S), not to be used for solid end links, but very good to use on leather, rubber, canvas straps, where you have good access to the push pins.

You can consider the bracelet tool as a base tool, you can replace the parts on both ends with tools of better quality. There are better forks in different sizes, and there are also better pins in a few sizes and even lengths. So keep the middle part end put good tools on it in the future. For a few uses, the tools that are on it will work fine.