Miltat Angus Jubilee

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NOT produced by Seiko but by Miltat, you can also buy them at en
Next to the solid Jubilee you can see this “Angus” Jubilee is at least 1,5 times  thicker. The links are larger. It is attached to the case like the Seiko jubilee is, so the middle parts of the link are going into the solid end piece. Main advantage is that the bracelet “falls” from the end link, so the lug width is not increased by using this bracelet.
It needs a clasp of 18mm wide. It tapers from 22mm at the lugs to 18mm at the clasp. This bracelet has been made for the Seiko SKX007/009/011 watch case, the end pieces (solid steel) do not fit on a different watch case. It comes with thick push pins, with shoulders so they can be removed with ease. You can buy that bracelet at for more models, like the SARB017, some Presages, SARB033, SRPC35, new Turtle, SBDX017.
Miltat also sold this bracelet for the SRPD-Sports, but I was not happy how they made it. Instead of making correct end-pieces (drill the holes through the end piece a bit higher so they are corresponding to the higher placed holes in the SRPD-case), the “solution” was to sell them without changing the end pieces, but by giving a set of bent push pins that can reach the holes in the watch case. So the end pieces were not fitted snugly and I am not happy with using push pins that are entering the lugs under an angle. As Seiko dealer I cannot sell the watch hanging like this on your wrist.
At the moment, there are correctly made Angus Jubilee for the SRPD-Sports, I will list them as a separate product.
Tip for installation:
Go through the lugs with the end pieces without push pins.
This removes possible steel particles around the holes for the push pins.

Much thicker!

Larger links


You can select a few types of clasps: