Aluminum bezel inserts (SKX)

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These FLAT bezel inserts can be used to replace your current bezel insert, or you can put it in a replacement bezel like the coin edge bezel (and keep your original bezel complete).

These bezel inserts are provided with a cirkel-shaped double-sided tape from 3M, which can be used to attach the bezel insert in the bezel.

Installation: put the double sided tape on the bezel, leave the top paper on. Then press the bezel back on the watch. remove the top paper from the tape and place the insert. This way you can also take care of aliging the bezel insert to the 12.

Bezel insert dimensions: inner width = 3,15 cm and outer width = 3,8cm
They can be used in SKX007, SKX009, SKX011 (7S26-0020 case) and in the 42mm Sports watches with the SKX-shape case (4R36-07G0, SRPD51, SRPD55 and others).

If you want the bezel-insert to be installed in an ordered watch, please select this operation in Operations.