20mm strap BFK

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The standard 20mm PU band that Seiko uses for the SKA371 (and also Sawtooth, Spork, Starfish and Ceasar). It is made for longer lugs, so when used on a Monster, the “shoulders” are not against the watch case. This polyurethane strap is  thinner and beveled at the edges, which makes it  more souple than the SKX007 strap AND it is not a dust collector. After the part for the lugs it widens to 23,9mm and tapers to 18mm at the buckle.

Short end 7,9 cm
Long end 14 cm
Widest 23,9mm
Push pins 2,5mm
Seiko code 4KR3JZR
Used for SKA371, SRP043, SKA383, SKZ281, SHC063