29mm sapphire for Seiko Glossy




This is 29mm wide sapphire, made for the Seiko SNZH51, -53, -55, -57 and -60 (Nickname: Seiko Glossy). Case code is 7S26-04N0. The height is 2,8mm at the side and in the middle it is 4,6mm high.

The shape is double domed, so the dome on the outside is also made on the inside, which is the reason this sapphire does not distort the view on the dial when you look at it from an angle.
It has an Anti Refliction coating on the inside. You can choose for blue or clear AR, here the price is the same. Both coatings costs the same, so making clear AR cost 10 bucks extra is just showing character.

You can order the sapphire and install it yourself (or have it installed).
Or, you add one of these to your Seiko glossy or FF-order, where you selected the “install ordered sapphire”-option (added € 17,50 to the order, for installation).